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So many questions came to my mind when I figured out that plagiarism was going to be a major topic of discussion for this class, but even reading just the introduction and the first chapter of this book has told me that I just might be able to figure this plagiarism thing out.
In the first chapter of Susan D. Blum’s book, “My Word,” she goes over a few instances of plagiarism in the big world and as major cases that have greatly affected time.
What I liked most about what I read was how that plagiarism plays a role in how a writer learns to become a writer which I think is completely true. It also helps me to realize how I might be plagiarising and how I can now build myself up as a better writer.



  1. We’ll read more about patchwriting; I do think it’s interesting to think about how that particular form of plagiarism may just be a stage in a writer’s development. Learning is a process, after all!

  2. I realized that all the questions I asked myself were the same as the questions on the first page. I think people can become better writers if they learn how to cite sources and use less patch writing.

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