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Late with no excuse aside from the fact that I am not good with time management but again, that is no excuse.

So if this blog was written on the day it was assigned, my answer would have been the following:
An essay is a piece of writing written by students, intrutors, philosophers and many others as a form of imforming others. Essays can also be seen as research or opinion pieces. Essays are long, time consumming and difficult in my eyes.

After the class in which we dicussed what more essays can be I found a new meaning to what and essay is:
An essay is a gateway to learning one’s ability. When I was a junior in high school I wrote my first research. It was on King Arthur, a subject I didn’t really think was interesting at first but then further into the assignment I got really into it. It was a lot of work, very tiring but at the end, when my teacher handed back the paper I was shocked how all that hard work really paid off. I ended up liking what I wrote, I was proud of myself for writing so well and it opened me to realize that, I may not like writing at first just because its school work, but I might be somewhat good at it. It was a great essay experience. I was in an honors/AP class and I did a lot better than most of the class. Who knew thatt writing an essay could boost my self esteem.


“How I Want It?”
Truthfully, this sounds like an essay that I would write. The ideas are there, just not well thought out and detailed enough to get the reader to understand the main points the writer is trying to make. Though I’m not a master of grammar, I felt that this essay may contain quite a few grammatical errors. While reading it, I would catch my self stopping mid-sentences and rereading parts of the essay to try to understand what was going on. I found a few problems with run on sentences, which I do do quite often myself. Now I see how it can ruin an essay by letting ideas drag on instead of making straight to the point sentences for the reader to better grasp the ideas made by the writer. Definitely sloppily put together, needs help.
Grade: C
“Writing for the University”
This essay seemed well put together and properly written, properly cited even. After the first few paragraphs, my mind was kind of blown due to the fact that I don’t know if I could write as well as that or even close to. I enjoyed how each paragraph was broken up into an event experienced in high school which has taught, shaped and/or led the writer to where the writer is now as a writer. I also liked how he or she used one reference, Hidden Intellectualism, throughout the whole essay to help put his or her points across.
A college professor may give this paper a B because my eyes might be missing a few errors or what not but…
Grade: A

So many questions came to my mind when I figured out that plagiarism was going to be a major topic of discussion for this class, but even reading just the introduction and the first chapter of this book has told me that I just might be able to figure this plagiarism thing out.
In the first chapter of Susan D. Blum’s book, “My Word,” she goes over a few instances of plagiarism in the big world and as major cases that have greatly affected time.
What I liked most about what I read was how that plagiarism plays a role in how a writer learns to become a writer which I think is completely true. It also helps me to realize how I might be plagiarising and how I can now build myself up as a better writer.